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Life Lately | A House Update

wanderlust bee new house

So I thought I would do a little life update and follow up on my (not so) recent post – We are Homeowners
In November we finally got the keys to our first house together! It needed a lot of work and was very out dated! We set to work wall paper stripping, dropping ceilings and ripping out pretty much everything that was originally there!
The house was stripped to the bricks and pretty much re-built from there!
When we bought it, it did not have heating, or a boiler or gas as the house used to run on an AGA! There was a lot to do!
Once we had finally emptied the house…


Phase One started with dividing some rooms to make way for the third bedroom, moving a bathroom and adding an extra bathroom and a utility! (We didn’t do things by halves)


wanderlustbee new house

our bathroom will be here in the end

wanderlust bee new house

The original second bedroom (minus the ceiling)


 Two was building all the walls a joiner thankfully did this bit!



wanderlustbee new house

Splitting the second bedroom and new bathroom


Three creating our mezzanine above our bedroom (my favorite bit of the house)



wanderlust bee new house

The ceiling… on the floor

wanderlustbee new house

post taking the origional plaster off the walls and exposing this lovely brick


wanderlustbee new house

from our bedroom up to the Mezzanine


Four sorting out the plastering (and actually getting some to turn up) this felt like the longest stage as we waited around for so long for people.



wanderlust bee new house

The kitchen where we had exposed the stairs

wandrlust bee new house

The plastered Mezzanine

wanderlustbee new house

our freshly plastered living room


 Five wait and wait and waittttt for it all to dry




Six get it painted! Starting with an undercoat to go on the fresh plaster!

Six.five we added a bit of colour… OK grey (so not much colour!)


wanderlust bee new house

Painting begins in our bedroom… finally

We had a little visitor at this stage – my mum’s Guide Dog Wispa



Seven saying hello to our kitchen from Wickes (that we bought in the January sale)



wandrlust bee new house

The kitchen design

wanderlust bee new house

and the real thing.. 


Eight sorting our fire place..



wanderlustbee new house

The original

wanderlust bee new house

the updated and ready for a log burner one ..



.. and lastly Nine we had our new bathroom put in and sink in the kitchen. We finally had running water in the house!

wanderlustbee new house

Our lovely new sink finally fitted!

 wanderlust bee new house
Next we have coming the electrician, carpet fitter and all the finishing touches can go in!
I cannot wait untill I can share this bit… the fun bit!
We plan to move in next week so I will do an updated post with all of our finishing touches with all the bits and bobs we have bought!
There is so much I want to buy I am constantly finding new Interior bloggers to follow. If you have any suggestions let  me know in the comments below. 
 I hope you enjoyed my little diversion from the usual travel but I am pretty impressed with the progress so far and thought I should share:)
Thanks for reading 
Bethan xox


  1. 26th April 2017 / 5:35 pm

    Omg I can’t believe how much you’ve managed to get done since November (it puts our campervan conversion to shame haha)! The difference is amazing though (and how cute is your mezanine?)! I bet it’ll be so nice when you’re properly moved in though.
    I can’t wait to see all the finished looks!
    xo April | April Everyday

  2. bethan343
    4th May 2017 / 7:07 am

    Then you so much April! It’s taken a lot to get it done but not far off now! We are actually in now! We have a few things to finish but I will do another post soon!

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