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Europe | Road Trip Highlights – Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Europe | Road Trip Highlights – Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina

I have shared my posts with you from our road trip around Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We had an amazing time exploring each of the city’s we visited along we way. Is there anything better than rocking up and ready to explore a new corner of Europe or elsewhere?

Our 9 day road trip took us to each of these places….

Kotor, Montenegro – Two days

Wanderlustbee Kotor Montenegro
Taken from the beach of Kotor

Our road trip started with this beautiful city. It had never been a place I had particularly had on my list but in the Easyjet seat sale for £35 it was first stop on our road trip. When I started looking into Kotor I was looking forward to getting there most. On arrival Kotor did not disappoint my expectations it was a picture perfect place. Admiring the beautiful old town took up most of our time, there was so much to see. Once we had our fill time for a beer by the beach. Kotor has it all. The old town can get pretty packed when cruise liners come into the bay.  

wanderlustbee kotor Montenegro
Taken in the old town


  • Climbing the walls for the perfect view from the Castle Of San Giovanni
  • The old town
  • Admiring the city walls
wanderlustbee kotor Montenegro
The view half way up the Castle Of San Giovanni

I do however regret not seeing more of Montenegro visiting Buvda, Tivat and the lady on the rocks due to time constraints. I would also like to see more of the countryside inland. I am sure I will be revisiting This beautiful country again to see it for myself. 

Read more about Kotor, Montenegro HERE

Dubrovnik, Croatia – Two days

Wanderlusbee - Dubrovnik, Croatia
Taken from Mount SRD

I had seen and heard a lot about this walled city and over all it did not disappoint. It ended up being my favourite stop in Croatia, and not just because GOT is filmed there. There is so much to see, do and eat I wish we had so more than two days to explore. We did manage to cram a lot into our time there however and saw as much of the city as possible.  It’s the perfect place to grab a table down a side street and drink local wine and sample the sea food. Dubrovnik is not cheap for your wallet though, more tips on this later.  

Wanderlusbee - Dubrovnik, Croatia
wanderlustbee - Dubrovnik, Croatia
Taken from the old town


  • Wandering the old town
  • Eating fresh seafood down cute side streets
  • Climbing the city walls
  • Catching the cable car up mt SRD
wanderlust bee Dubrovnik, croatia
Taken from the walls of the city

I would have liked to see some of Dubrovnik and its neighbouring islands but I will have to return for that and I definitely will.

 Read more about Dubrovnik, Croatia Here

Split, Croatia – Two days

wanderlustbee split croatia
Taken from the Harbour

Split the third stop on our trip is a buzzing city  that has a lot to offer. Our time here was a little disjointed due to staying a night on the island of Hvar in between. This meant we stayed in two different apartments and did not get much time to settle in our surroundings we were always dashing about. I would recommend spending time exploring the Diocletian’s palace in the old town then stop off for a drink at one (or two… possibly three?) of the trendy bars and restaurants.   

Wanderlustbee - Split, Croatia
Taken from the old town
wanderlustbee split croatia
Taken from Narodni trg with view of the city clock


  • Exploring the old town
  • Eating yummy pizza in Diocletian’s Palace
  • Viewing the city from view point
  • Trendy bars along the promenade outside Diocletian’s Palace
  • Island hopping
wanderlust bee - split croatia
The view from Marjan view point
wanderlust bee - split croatia
The harbour at night

There are many islands to visit of split within easy access of the port so its easy to spend the day island hopping. I wish that I crammed more islands into my stay here

 Read more about Split, Croatia Here

Hvar, Croatia – One night

Wanderlustbee~ Hvar, Croatia
Taken from the Port of Hvar

  An island close by Split was the perfect stop off for our night. It’s within easy access of Split being only 60 minutes by ferry (catamaran). It has a pretty port and square full of pretty restaurants and bars. Boat excursions leave fir the nearby Pakleni Islands, which have secluded beaches and coves to discover. We spent the time on the island relaxing as it was Georges birthday taking a break from our hectic schedule.  

wanderlustbee - Hvar, Croatia
Taken from the old town
Wanderlustbee~ Hvar, Croatia
Taken from a beach our host advised (see post for more)


  • Beaches we discovered
  • The cute old square and port
  • View of the city from the castle
Wanderlustbee~ Hvar, Croatia
Taken of a little harbour near our apartment

Our time in Hvar was just what we needed some relaxation time from our busy road tripping and sight seeing schedule. I would like to see more of the many many islands surrounding Split and Hvar. 

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Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina – One Night

Wanderlust bee Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Known for its medieval Stari Most (old Bridge), I had seen countless pictures of this and couldn’t help but drop whilst in the area. The cobbled streets are lined with shops and bars offering beer, Gelato and souvenirs. The old town was crazy busy in the day, but a night once the day trippers left it soon quietened down and we enjoyed a lovely night in the city drinking local wine and beer with views of the bridge.   

wanderlust bee Mostar - Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • Visiting Stari Most
  • The bazaar
  • How quiet the city got after the day trippers left
  • Sitting with a view of the lit up bridge with a drink
Wanderlust bee Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

With only one day in Mostar we did miss a few bits off m list I would like to go to, such as Martin Brod Waterfall

Read more –  Mostar, Bosnia and Herzgovina

Krka National Park – One day

wanderlust bee - Krka national park
Taken from the view point along the board walk

It was such a fab stop off for us just for the day en route to Zadar. We spent the day admiring the beauty of this place. We walked round and swam in the water, a great way to break up a long drive. 

wanderlustbee - Krka national park, croatia


  • Seeing the beauty of the national park
  • A great day trip
wanderlust bee - Krka national park

The only downside for us was just how busy it was. It was absolutely crammed full of tourists to the point where there is no where to sit and relax. It would be a lovely time to go before the rush in May, June, early July or alternatively or September, October (plus cheaper prices too if that appeals).

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Zadar, Croatia – One night

wanderlustbee - Zadar croatia
The Bell Tower

The last stop on our road trip was pretty, I hadn’t done much research as it was our last stop. But Zadar sure wowed me with its beautiful streets of the old town. We ate amazing pizza in a side street and walked along the sea front. It was a shame we only had one full day in Zadar (due to wild fires slowing our arrival by three hours) there seemed so much more to see/do.  

wanderlustbee - Zadar, Croatia - Road trip
The view from the Sea Organ


  • Climbing the bell tower
  • Having a relaxing day at the garden
  • Visiting the sea organ as the sea got rough and listening to its tune
wanderlustee - Zadar, Croatia - road trip
Taken from the Bell Tower

Due to my lack of planning on the last stop of our adventure I am sure we missed so much out. We tried to see everything we could before heading back to the airport. There are yet more islands just of Zadar which of course I wanted to visit but just did not have the time it was a choice of see the city or island. 

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And that was our road trip highlights-  just like that our road trip was over… We covered 3 countries, 1 national park and 6 cities.

Have you been to any of these countries or cities? What did you get up to in our time there? let me know in the comments below↓

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  1. Kit
    16th February 2020 / 9:09 am

    Hi! We are going to attempt this road trip – great article! Quick question, did you have any issues driving a rental car through EU and non-EU countries? We’ve travelled before and the car company usually says we can’t go out of the EU (if starting in an EU country)… help?!


  2. bethan343
    10th June 2020 / 7:08 pm

    Hi so sorry for the delayed reply I don’t seem to get notifications any more! We did not have any problems with this we just insured the car when we go it through the company. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me and I hope you make it on your road trip soon!! Bethan xx

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