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Europe | Road Trip – Zadar, Croatia

wanderlustbee - Zadar croatia

    After a hectic arrival into Zadar from Krka lakes. A stop off on our road trip from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. A journey that should have only taken us 50 minutes took us 6 hours, due to wild fires in the area. So we arrived into Zadar a lot later than expected.  

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wanderlustee - Zadar, Croatia - road trip

Now to hear all about what we got up to for our night in Zadar. We ditched our car as quickly as possible as we arrived just at sunset.

For our last and final night in Croatia and the last stop of our road trip

Where We Stayed

On this trip it was our first time trying out Air B&B on this trip. Which we found some great places to stay and had a great time plus cost it saved us a lot in Hotels.     **I can highly recommend Air B&B after our experience on this trip – Get up to £25 off your first trip Here   For our last night we decided a hotel was more ideal, so that they could look after our bags whilst we explored the next day until our flight.  

  Idessa palace – Was such a cute little room in the annex of the hotel it was modern lovely room and just what we needed.   The property is an ideal location only 3 minutes walk from the beach, on the doorstep of cafeterias and restaurants. It’s is also only 550 yards from the port and St. Anastasia Cathedral and Bell Tower top attractions in the old town.  

Hello Zadar

We quickly got changed and ready after what felt like the longest day in the world. Quickly getting ourselves out to our last city Zadar to enjoy our last night of the road trip.  

wanderlustbee - Zadar, Croatia - Road trip

    We had food at Canzona, on a little table lining the street. We both had a humongous pizza each at 70kuna each (£8ish). They were incredible and one of the nicest pizzas we had on the whole trip (and we ate a lot of pizza).   We called for a few drinks around the old town in a couple of little bars before heading back. The day had been jam packed and we were exhausted.  

wanderlustee - Zadar, Croatia - Road trip


We checked out at 10am and the hotel held our bags for the day (the main reason for booking a hotel for this reason). Our flight was not until late and had the full day to explore before we had to head off.  

wanderlust bee - Zadar, Croatia - Road tr

We climbed Church of St. Donat

The entrance fee of around £3 is worth it for the wonderful views alone but there is so much more to see on the way up including the wonderful bell and place to stop during the climb. Great views from the top over the city.  

wanderlustee - Zadar, Croatia - road trip
wanderlustee - Zadar, Croatia - road trip
wanderlustee - Zadar, Croatia - road trip
wanderlustee - Zadar, Croatia - road trip

Saw/Heard the sea organ

The organs are set into the steps they make sounds when there is passing boats or large vessels, the waves hitting pipes hidden below the sea levels. In the summer months it can be very crowded, the ideal time to go is sunset.  

wanderlustbee - Zadar, Croatia - Road trip

Sun Salutation

Located next to the sea organ, this 22m-wide circle set into the pavement is filled with glass plates that collect the sun’s energy during the day. Then at night produces a light show after sunset. Sit here and watch the show and listen to the sea organ.  

wanderlustbee - Zadar, Croatia - Road trip
wanderlustbee - Zadar, Croatia - Road trip

  We spent part of the morning/afternoon at the Garden, Perched on the city walls with a great view of the sea. The perfect setting for having a few drinks and sun bathing. It was so relaxing they have chairs, beds throughout the venue whether in shade or sun. The food is delicious raw vegan (I am not vegan) nice for snacks or a full meal.  

wanderlustbee - Zadar, Croatia - Road trip

Back to sight seeing..

Later in the afternoon we decided to see more of the old town, wandering around the city. Picking up some food and eating our food on the pier.  

wanderlust bee - Zadar, Croatia - Road tr

  The sea had begun to get very choppy at this point and we could hear the sea organ from where we sat. We enjoyed ice creams sat by the sea organ watching the world go by.  

wanderlustbee - Zadar, Croatia - Road trip

City Sentinel

This beautiful old building is in the centre of the old town, just off the main walking street in Zadar. Surrounded by outdoor cafes in one of the main squares it’s a great place to sit & watch the world go by.  

wanderlustbee - Zadar, Croatia - Road trip

Thoughts on Zadar

To be honest with all of the locations we went to on our road trip Zadar was the last and I had not planned or looked into much. I wish now that I had I was surprised how much I liked it. It was much more different than Dubrovnik and Split more of a slower pace. I would like to go back and see more at some point as I sure we missed a lot.  

wanderlust bee - Zadar, Croatia - Road trip
wanderlust bee - Zadar, Croatia - Road trip

  And just like that our road trip was over… We covered 3 countries, 1 national park and 6 cities.     

Keep your eyes peeled for the next post of the series –  Zadar, Croatia the last city break on the road trip.

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Have you been to Zadar? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below↓

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