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Vietnam & Thailand Itinerary

Wanderlustbee - Vietnam + Thailand Itinerary

We love a trip to Asia and this time we decided to combine Vietnam + Thailand in a 2 week trip. We decided to do our best to cram in everything we could into two short weeks. A fine balance of squeezing everything in but also finding tome to relax enough to enjoy our holiday without spending too much time travelling between each place.

We were incredibly excited to visit Thailand and Vietnam, having visited Thailand before we were excited to return and visit Vietnam for the first time.

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Halong Bay
Hoi An

Koh Lanta

Hanoi – 2 nights

Is an incredible city we knew we were going to love – the food mainly. One of my favourite things in a new place is eat ALLLLL the food. Vietnam is quite overwhelming as there are SO many foods/snacks to try we knew we were not possibly going to be able to try them all. (But we would give it our best shot)

Halong Bay – 1 night 2 days

Now this was a place I have wanted to visit for possibly 10 years if not more. I was so glad to book this trip and experience Halong bay on the most beautiful boat. Cruise through the lowering limestone islands on a day trip or multiple night trips depending on your preferences.

Hoi An – 4 nights

The beauty of Hoi An, wow. We absolutely loved the city of Hoi An! It was so beautiful and laid back and an all around lovely place full of lovely people. We also stayed in the cutest hotel run by a lovely family that needs an honorary mention. I could have spent a week or more here just exploring more of the area.

Krabi – 4 nights

Time for the beach and relaxation in Thailand stopping in Krabi. We spent 4 nights in Ao Nang (3 days). How I had missed Thai food and could not wait to be reunited. We flew from Da Nang – Bangkok and onto Krabi. This is an incredible jumping off point to some of Thailands most beautiful islands.

Koh Lanta – 3 nights

I left my heart in Koh Lanta! Such a beautiful place to end our trip on and beautiful island. We enjoyed the slow peace of life and soaking all up before heading back to Bangkok on our way to Manchester.

Bangkok – 1 night

We only had <24hours in Bangkok. But I saw a different side to Bangkok than I have seen before. Rooftop bars, food markets and amazing hotels. I would go back to this city and explore more of it next time.

Thoughts on our Vietnam + Thailand itinerary

All in all we felt this was the perfect itinerary of fitting in all that we wanted to do in the limited time we had. There was a combination of city and beach which was great. I just wish we could have gone for 1 month plus and explored much more.

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Have you planned a similar itinerary let me know where else you ventured to on your travels ↓


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