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Layover | 9 Hours in Hong Kong

WanderlustBee - Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong was somewhere I had wanted to go for a while. We had been debating booking a few days stop over at the start of our trip to the Philippines. In December the appeal of beach life won over the need to explore a new city.

It just so happened however when I got an alert from trusty Skyscanner to say that the flights I had been keeping an eye on dropped massively in price. The price dipped from £700+ to £460 and just happened to include a 9 hour stop over in Hong Kong.
We took advantage of a 9 hour lay over to explore a bit of a new city. It give us a taste of if we wanted to return in the further or a longer stay.
It was the perfect compromise!

We got to see a flying tour of the city which I really enjoyed and will 100 percent be returning to Hong Kong. 

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WanderlustBee - Hong Kong, China

Hello Hong Kong

On arriving into Hong Kong catch the airport express which travels- Hong Kong airport to the city.
The journey takes about 25 minutes and cost 115 Hong Kong dollars return (£11ish).

We visited Victoria Harbour separates Hong Kong Island in the south from the mainland to the north. It is a very busy working harbour and also scenic providing a foreground for the Hong Kong Skyline with its impressive array of tall buildings surrounding the harbour. Taking the ferry across is a cheap way to sight see. Unfortunately we didn’t feel we had enough time to take the ferry. When you know you have a time limit I was worried about doing that so we will save for our next trip.

WanderlustBee - Hong Kong, China
Victoria Harbour

Victoria Peak, the view is also what makes The Peak one of the most popular attractions in Hong Kong. By day your eyes stretch across sparkling skyscrapers and Victoria Harbour below. There is the option of walking up, get the tram or like us get a taxi as the line was huge.

The taxi to the top from the tram stop was 80 Hong Kong dollars (£8) The view from the top was incredible the view across the city was clear. It was also really busy. We stopped for a drink at the lookout and could see the other side of the busy bustling city.

WanderlustBee - Hong Kong, China

Go to the Viewing Terrace of the Peak Tower to enjoy a full view of the harbour.  Needless to say, you would want to go there on a clear day. There is a fee of HK$20 to get to the highest level where you can see the best view.  Well worth it if you are a tourist, however if you are trying to save a little or perhaps you have a large group you might consider going to the roof of the Peak Galleria which is the shopping centre on the opposite side of the peak.  The view is similar and free. We caught the tram down with next to no wait. just a wait for the next tram to arrive only around 10 minutes. Tickets for the tram are cheap at HK$32 around £3.

For the last few hours in Hong Kong we just walked around, exploring. For the most part we seemed to come across western shops and food places. We did manage to grab some pork and rice from a little fast food place before getting the train. Its likely as we did not wander with anywhere in particular in mind.

There is a series of Escalators that travel up the side of the Peak Mountain (it does not reach the peak platform). We just happened across this my happy coincidence on our way up to the peak.
It is a Hillside transportation system with 20 escalators & 3 inclined moving walkway.
They where Escalator Stairs, they take you up quite a way. How cool is that?

More Time?

Take the star ferry across the harbour to the Kowloon side. The ferry is very inexpensive and its a short ride 15 minute ride to Kowloon and the back to Hong Kong Island. The ferry takes only a few minutes to cross the Harbour from TST or Central and drops you off at the heart of both shopping and dining districts. Take in the view from the other side of the city and its skyline. A great photo opportunity.
You are also able to get the airport express back to the airport from here.
can also get ferry to Lama Island. Lantern Island, or even McCau.

Soho and Hollywood Road –
There’s plenty to see and do in Hong Kong’s SoHo. it is the cities drinking, dining and entertainment district.
On Hollywood Road you will find a lot Antique Shops. Heading right (while looking up at the Peak) on Hollywood Road will bring you to the Man Mo Temple. It’s worth a look.

Thoughts on Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a very navigate able city. It was easy to get around as a tourist, most of the signs around the city are in English also. I would recommend getting the maps.me app as you can download maps ahead of arrival rather than paying for data. With our wondering around Hong Kong taking our time before heading back to the airport. Ready for the next leg of our journey on to the Philippines.

Thankyou for reading


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