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Travel Guide | Lucerne, Switzerland

wanderlust bee a winter break a trip to switzerland lucerne and base

City Breaks to places like Lucerne in Europe are becoming more readily available. Thanks to cheap flights from the likes of Easy jet, Jet2, Ryan Air and sky scanner.
On a city break in Europe you combine culture, sightseeing and shopping all in one. Then get lost in the streets of a fascinating new city with option of relaxing in one o the many cafe’s around the city.
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When visiting Lucerne there is a vast list of things to do even in this small city. Everything in this town is so picture perfect, The city – The lake – The mountains Lucerne has it all!


a winter break to switzerland basel and lucerne

Lucerne in Switzerland has been one of my favourite places to date. It has the most picturesque setting, great shopping and of course the chocolate and cheese!!
The majority of our trip involved food – anyone who ready my blog regularly will know that they always do! We grabbed pastries and hot drinks from food stands, popping into little shops and pretty much eating our way around the city.
I would highly recommend venturing into one of the many chocolate shops littered around the town. They sell all kinds of amazing chocolate with different flavours including fruits, nuts, sweets, fudge and cereals. They are incredible and we brought home a ton of chocolate with us.
a winter break to Lucerne switerland


About Lucerne


Lucerne, a small city in central Switzerland. Lucerne (Luzern in German) lies at the Northern end of Lake Lucerne where the River Reuss meets the lake. This beautiful city, known for its preserved medieval architecture, sits amongst snow capped mountains of the Alps and on Lake Lucerne.


 wanderlust bee a winter break a trip to switzerland lucerne and base





GBP 1 = 1.26 Swiss Francs

EUR 1 = 1.70 Swiss Francs

USD 1 = 1.01 Swiss Francs


Top Sights


Best to start with the iconic location in the city… Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrucke) it was built in 1333 it is extremely picturesque. Hanging from the roof rafters inside there are more than 100 17th century pictures displaying Lucerne history. This is one of the most photographed scenes in all of Switzerland.
a trip to switzerland lucerne and basel



The old town is on the right hand side of the Reuss. Many of these old colourful buildings are preserved in squares with little fountains, giving a fairy tale atmosphere. The old town is a beautiful place to wander around, popping into little shops, follow the side streets and see what you can find.
 wanderlust bee travel guide to lucerne switzerland



Lake Lucerne, is the fourth largest lake in the country. The lake has many settlements around it, there are lots o tours along the river to visit some. Take a stroll down the river and watch the sunset in this picturesque location.
 a tavel guide lucerne switzerland




Glectschergarten (Galcier Garden) is a remarkable place that had preserved relics from the ice age. Glacier polished rock, boulders dropped from the retreating ice and potholes formed from waterfalls of melting ice. All demonstrated by a working model. This exhibit shows how the change in climate affects the earth.


Close by the Löwenplatz (lion monument), a huge dying lion carved into a rock face designed by Thorwaldsen in 1820 to commemorate the death of 26 officers and 700 troops of the Swiss guard protecting king Louis XVI in the French Revolution. Another perticually well known monument in the city.
 a travegl guide to lucerne, switzerland



The beautiful Swiss Church of St.Leodegar in the heart of the city. It is the most important church and landmark in the city. A 17th century church with twin Gothic bell towers it is beautiful.
 travel guide to lucerne Church of St. Leodegar (wanderlustbee)


Walking accross Spreuer Bridge, one of two covered foot bridges in the city. It links a side of the river to the rest of the town and Kornmarkt. This market dates back to 1356 and was the city’s grain market place until the 19th century. It is just a little walk down from the more famous bridge Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrucke).


The Nine Towers has a beautiful view across Lucerne worth the walk. A part of the rampart walls built in 1386, the wall is still almost entirely intact. Three towers are open to the public: Schirmer, Zyt and Männli. For panoramic views of the city this is a must visit.
 wanderlust bee a winter break a trip to switzerland lucerne and base
 wanderlust bee a winter break a trip to switzerland lucerne and base


Day trip to Mount Rigi one of the neighbouring mountains along lake Lucerne. Take the boat from Lucerne to Vitsnau and catch the Gondola up to Rigi Kulm and witness the beautiful view below! Catch the cog train up to the very top and admire the view of the alps around. 
 wanderlust bee a winter break a trip to switzerland lucerne and base


Where to Stay

Ameron Hotel Flora Luzerne. It is a modern and stylish hotel right in the middle of everything. It was perfect for what we wanted. 
room Rate from: £111 per night
ibis Styles Luzern City This hotel is in old part of town with easy walk to the Lion Monument and chapel bridge. Close to the lake and train station.
The Hotel Lucerne, Autograph Collection The Hotel is a unique establishment exuding charm and charisma in Lucerne Switzerland. No two guest rooms are alike – and each has a tale to tell
room rate: £200

Places to Eat/Drink

The majority of our trip we ate/drank at the Christmas markets but we did venture out and try a couple of good places for food.
Rathous Brauerei for a white chocolate fondue which was incredible. Our dipping choices were pieces of fresh fruit – so good! We sat outside (it was freezing) we were handed blanket, hot bean bags, the mulled wine and hot food kept us warm and toasty.
a winter break to lucerne switzerland
We then headed to and Irish bar along the river to catch the football that was on. Here a round of a local beer and a bottle of Magners set us back £18!!!

La Fenice is a lovely little Italian in the heart of the old town. It was not a cheap meal but It was such a lovely meal.

Stop in one of the many cafes, stalls and chocolate shops like we did. We certainly did not go hungry on this trip I do not think I have eaten more cheese or chocolate in my lie… Bliss I left a happy girl.


Getting Around

This compact city is easy to navigate on foot. We walked everywhere and found no need to get taxis anywhere.
We did get the train to Lucerne from Basel and on a day trip which was very straight forward with a lot faster travel time than I ma used to in the U.K.
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Have you been to Lucerne? What did yo get up to in your time there? Any suggestions welcome as I am sure I will go back one day


Thankyou for reading

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