WanderlustBee is a way for me to document my travels and share with all of you my pictures and any hints and tips I pick up along the way.

I hope to inspire and create a whirlwind of wanderlust on my blog like so many other bloggers have inspired in me.

It has made me want to go out and see the world and experience more.

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I started Wanderlustbee in May 2016. So far my following has been growing at a great pace!

(twitter especially where in two months alone there was an 800% increase)

Blog Subscriptions: 297

Twitter: 1,819

Instagram: 1,103

Pinterest: 1,866

Bloglovin : 105 (new..I’m working on it)

With my blog still being fairly new in the world of blogging I am proud of my growth so far!  I have hit 51,860 page views with 11,540 Unique Visitors with a 81% new sessions.

(True to 12/08/2017)





I am looking forward to seeing where this little venture will take me.. and yes I mean that quite literally!

As I am hoping to make my blog more of a travel career eventually and travel the world with WanderlustBee. I am looking forward to seeing the numbers continue to increase as I write more posts about my travels and where WanderlustBee will take me.





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