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Madrid, Spain


Hi there and welcome to WanderlustBee!!


I am Bethan and I am the Founder and content Creator and behind WanderlustBee!

I’m 25 and live in the North-West of England. I created my blog as a place for me to document my travels as an aspiring travel blogger. So far I am just having fun with writing my travel posts and sharing them with my readers and seeing where this takes me!


Since writing this travel blog it has opened my eyes to so many other bloggers and their experiences of travel. It is only making me want to see more of the world.

Want to get to know me a little better read my About me page.


WanderlustBee brings you my travels from around the globe. Whether this is a quick and cheap city break, to backpacking Asia to luxury breaks in Dubai. There are lost more travels coming up in 2017 so keep up to date by following on my social media channels…


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Much Love






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